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What are the methods of strengthening steel structures?

China FAMOUS Steel Engineering Company certification
China FAMOUS Steel Engineering Company certification
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What are the methods of strengthening steel structures?
Latest company news about What are the methods of strengthening steel structures?

When the steel structure is reinforced, the most suitable method needs to be selected according to different conditions. Only in this way can the actual effect of economy and safety be obtained. Today, let’s introduce the reinforcement methods of steel structure buildings.

1. Replacement concrete reinforcement method:

The replacement concrete reinforcement method of the steel structure building reinforcement project is to replace the high compressive strength and good ductility concrete raw materials for the original building's low compressive strength and poor ductility prefabricated component raw materials, which can relatively improve the overall compressive strength of the building Strength, bending stiffness and load-bearing capacity. Application field: Reinforce the part of the structure where the strength of the concrete in the stress area of the load prefabricated component is slightly lower or has more serious shortcomings. The advantages of this method are: the processing technology is simple, the space occupied is small, and the project cost is lower; the disadvantage of this method is the longer processing time.


2. Enlarged cross-section structure reinforcement method:

According to the specific conditions of the original building structure and support, add another layer of cast-in-situ concrete structure in the stressed area or the tension area. Suitable for structural reinforcement of beams, slabs, columns, walls and general structures of concrete. The advantages of this method are mainly manifested in: simple construction, wide application range, and strong versatility; defects mainly manifested in: long construction time, long maintenance cycle time, and cross-sectional expansion have a certain impact on the appearance of the structure.


3. Additional prestressed steel reinforcement structure reinforcement method:

Use high-toughness building steel or channel steel to add pre-stressed steel support rods or support rods to the prefabricated components of the reinforced structure. After the release of the pre-stressed steel bars, it can make the structure embrittlement, the changes in the application of new projects, and other differences. The disaster or the occurrence of accidents has created a good market prospect for the building reinforcement project. Because the outer support rods and the enclosed parts support each other, they get rid of the pre-stress condition of the enclosed prefabricated parts, and the original cross-section support characteristics are changed to improve the structure. The bearing capacity and bending stiffness of the management system after reinforcement.

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