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What are the characteristics of steel structure plant design?

China FAMOUS Steel Engineering Company certification
China FAMOUS Steel Engineering Company certification
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What are the characteristics of steel structure plant design?
Latest company news about What are the characteristics of steel structure plant design?

Due to the increase in steel production in China, more and more enterprises are beginning to use the steel structure design steel structure factory. The steel structure factory is divided into light steel structure workshop and heavy steel structure workshop. The main load-bearing components are composed of steel, including Steel pillars, steel beams, steel structure foundations, which are different from traditional brickwork buildings, have the following characteristics:

1. The steel used in the steel structure design workshop is plastically good. Under normal circumstances, the structure will not suddenly break due to accidental overload or partial overload. The toughness of the steel is good, so that the structure has strong adaptability to dynamic loads;

2. The steel used in the steel structure design workshop is uniform in material and high in structural reliability;

3. Steel structure design The steel used in the workshop has high strength, light weight structure and large span of manufacturing plant, which can be made into a structure with a large span;

4. The steel of the steel structure workshop has weldability, which greatly simplifies the connection of the steel structure and is suitable for manufacturing various complicated shapes;

5. High degree of industrialization in the manufacture and installation of steel structures The production of steel structures is mainly carried out in specialized metal structure factories, so the production is simple and the precision is high. The manufactured components are transported to the site for installation, with high assembly degree, fast installation speed and short construction period.

Of course, the steel structure design factory also has other special features, such as heat resistance, non-refractory, and poor corrosion resistance, and should avoid the humid environment as much as possible. However, in general, the steel structure plant has high strength, large span, short construction period of steel structure construction, and correspondingly reduced investment cost, which is more and more welcomed by enterprise manufacturers.

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