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What are the benefits of membrane structure building?

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China FAMOUS Steel Engineering Company certification
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What are the benefits of membrane structure building?
Latest company news about What are the benefits of membrane structure building?

Membrane structure is a space structure that uses high-strength flexible film materials to withstand the tension and compression of other materials to form a stable curved surface that can withstand a certain external load. Its shape is free, light, soft, full of power, flame retardant, easy to make, quick to install, energy saving, easy to use, safe to use, etc., which makes it widely used all over the world.

Membrane structure engineering is light in weight: The materials and structure used in the membrane structure confirm that the membrane structure is a light structure, which is very light compared with other traditional building structures.

Membrane structure engineering has long service life: Membrane structure buildings are semi-permanent buildings. The earliest membrane structure building in the world has a history of more than 30 years and is still in use. Its steel frame can be used forever as long as it is coated with anti-corrosion and maintained in time. The membrane material used in construction is a kind of advanced composite material with good mechanical properties, high strength and aging resistance. As long as the structure design is reasonable, the safe service life of the membrane structure building can be as long as 50 years.

The membrane structure has good self-cleaning performance: the surface of the membrane material used in construction has no static electricity, and has no adsorption power to dust, so it is not easy to get dust, and even a little dust can be easily removed by wind and rain. Therefore, membrane structure buildings always appear in our vision with bright and clean surfaces.

The membrane structure has a large span: the membrane structure can be built into a large-span building without intermediate support columns. Some large-scale public event venues and stadiums require column-free, large-area open space indoors, which poses a big problem for architects. With a membrane structure roof, the problem is greatly simplified. Because the membrane per unit area is very light, the load-bearing capacity of the framework is greatly reduced. When necessary, a very light roof can be propped up by the slight pressure difference between indoor and outdoor air.

Membrane structure has good manufacturability: Membrane materials are flexible materials and some complex spatial curved surfaces that are difficult to manufacture with rigid materials. It is much more convenient to adopt membrane structures. The membrane material can be supported by the steel frame, or can be stretched by the rigging to generate various spatial curved surfaces. The curved surface generated by the membrane structure is smooth and soft, and it can clearly reflect the beauty of the membrane under pressure.

The construction period of the membrane structure is short: the production of the skeleton and the processing of the fabric are carried out in the factory, so the construction period on the site is greatly shortened, and the situation of cross-working and mutual interference of multiple types of work on the site is reduced.

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