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What about water-based steel structure paint?

China FAMOUS Steel Engineering Company certification
China FAMOUS Steel Engineering Company certification
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What about water-based steel structure paint?
Latest company news about What about water-based steel structure paint?

Steel structure is an important material in current building materials. In order to ensure long service life and aesthetics, steel structures usually choose some paint brushes on it. Many steel structure manufacturers choose the relatively cheap tradition when spraying the appearance. Paint, obviously this has caused environmental pollution and physical health effects. The state has strict control over environmental protection. If the application of steel structure coatings in the industry is unqualified because of environmental protection indicators, it will be too much.


Water-based steel structure paint is a new type of paint that can replace the traditional, this kind of paint can be used in industry. The steel structure paint uses water as a diluent, and does not need to add some chemicals, so it basically eliminates organic solvents, so it will not cause pollution to the environment and will not affect people's health.


The characteristics of steel structure paint application are also very obvious. The paint film is full and mellow and crystal clear. It has also made outstanding contributions to the renovation of some steel structures, and has good flexibility and significant waterproof effect. It also proves that paint decolorization will not occur in outdoor use. When it comes to the application of the process principle, it is relatively simple and easy to get started.


Functional advantages of steel structure paint products
1. Quick-drying
Starting from the innovative film-forming mechanism, the steel structure paint uses new water-based high-molecular polymers and advanced production processes to optimize the cross-linking density of the coating film and improve the mechanical and weather-resistant functions of the coating film. The universal incomplete supporting process not only completes the one-time painting of water-based high-gloss tarnishing topcoat (no need to spray overcoating varnish), reduces the operation process, saves energy and reduces consumption, and simplifies the drying process. Dry in minutes or dry at room temperature.
2. Fast construction
No special tools are needed. Generally, a basic spray gun can be used to perform high-quality construction operations. In the absence of a spray gun, a wool brush can also be used for manual painting, which simplifies the cleaning process of equipment. The use of water as a cleaning agent reduces the consumption of organic solvents, eliminates the excessive use of benzene-containing solvents to cause pollution to the surrounding environment, and greatly reduces the occurrence of work sickness, which is more conducive to fighting front-line masters Men.
3. Energy saving and environmental protection
Steel structural paint, an industrial coating, all uses water as a diluent and cleaning agent, which fundamentally eliminates the storage cost and use of organic solvents. The steel structure paint does not contain harmful components such as xylene and butyl acetate, so energy conservation and environmental protection are guaranteed.

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