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Technical Requirements For Glass Curtain Wall

China FAMOUS Steel Engineering Company certification
China FAMOUS Steel Engineering Company certification
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Technical Requirements For Glass Curtain Wall
Latest company news about Technical Requirements For Glass Curtain Wall

1. Sealing material

Weather-resistant silicone sealant is used between glass and glass, and structural silicone adhesive bond is used between glass and metal structure.

In building point glass technology, sealant only ACTS as a seal, so it is not necessary to calculate the strength.

The compatibility test between the glue and the contact material must be carried out before use. The performance test is qualified, and it should be used within the validity period. The operation rules should be strictly observed to ensure the construction quality.


2. Glass

The glass curtain wall shall adopt the curtain wall glass with a reflection ratio of no more than 0.30. For the glass curtain wall with lighting function requirements, its daylighting reduction coefficient should not be lower than 0.20.

Safety glass (laminated glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, etc.) should be used for the frame supporting the glass curtain wall;

The panel glass of the point supported glass curtain wall shall be toughened glass.

3. Metal

The steel surface should be treated with corrosion protection.

When hot dip galvanizing is used, the film thickness should be greater than 45 m.

When electrostatic spraying is applied, the film thickness shall be greater than 40 m.

Insulation measures should be taken between different metal materials to prevent electrochemical corrosion between heterogeneous metals.

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