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Structure and classification of bridge guardrails

China FAMOUS Steel Engineering Company certification
China FAMOUS Steel Engineering Company certification
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Structure and classification of bridge guardrails
Latest company news about Structure and classification of bridge guardrails

The choice of bridge guardrail form should first determine the anti-collision level according to the road grade, comprehensive consideration of its safety, coordination, characteristics of the object to be protected and site geometry, and then according to its structure, economy and construction and maintenance. Other factors make the choice of the form of construction. The embedding method includes three types: the column is directly embedded, the flange is connected, and the bridge guardrail and the bridge deck are cast into one body through the force transmission steel. When the conditions permit, the removable guardrail can be used.


There are many ways to divide the type of bridge guardrail. In addition to the position according to the set position, it can also be divided according to the structural features and anti-collision performance. According to the setting position, it can be divided into bridge side guardrail, bridge central divider with guardrail and pedestrian and lane boundary guardrail; according to structural features, it can be divided into beam-column (metal and concrete) guardrail, reinforced concrete wall type expansion and combined guardrail According to the anti-collision performance, it can be divided into rigid guardrail, semi-rigid guardrail and flexible guardrail. Commonly used guardrails are concrete guardrails, corrugated beam guardrails and cable guardrails.

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