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Steel Structure Installation Quality Control

China FAMOUS Steel Engineering Company certification
China FAMOUS Steel Engineering Company certification
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Steel Structure Installation Quality Control
Latest company news about Steel Structure Installation Quality Control

1. Before installation, the construction unit shall check the product certification, design documents and pre-assembly records of the components, and re-inspect the recorded component dimensions. When the deformation and defects of the steel structure exceed the allowable deviation, they shall be dealt with.

Before installation, detailed measurement and correction process should be prepared. Welding of thick steel plates should be carried out before the welding and installation to simulate the product structure of the process test and prepare the corresponding construction process. A certain degree of arching should be preset for the assembled roof truss.

2. After the steel structure is hoisted in place, the control points of the design requirements such as the positioning axis and elevation of the component should be measured and marked, and the quality of the hoisting butt joints should be checked before welding. Temporary supports and steel wave cables are installed to make the steel roof truss safe and stable during construction.

3. When installing the steel structure, the construction unit shall submit the elevation dimensions, welding, painting, etc. of each component after hoisting to the supervisor for inspection and acceptance respectively.

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