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Light steel villa construction process

China FAMOUS Steel Engineering Company certification
China FAMOUS Steel Engineering Company certification
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Light steel villa construction process
Latest company news about Light steel villa construction process

The advantages of building a steel structure villa: the steel structure has good stability, and the stability of the steel structure villa is very strong. The construction period is relatively short. Before the construction of the villa with the steel structure, all the engineering components have been completed, so the construction of the steel structure villa is relatively simple and takes a short time. The price of the steel market is relatively stable, and the price of building steel structures is relatively cheap.

Light steel villas have various color shapes, such as strong adhesion and leakage resistance, short construction period, earthquake resistance, wind resistance, thermal insulation, moisture resistance, and high use space. Most of the building materials used are recyclable and green and energy-saving. . Light steel villa installation process, so that everyone has a clearer and more intuitive understanding of it.

Light steel structure has light weight, less earthwork for foundation construction, little damage to land resources, and reinforced concrete strip foundation is generally adopted for foundation. Because the weight of the steel structure house is only 1/4-1/6 of the reinforced concrete structure house, the basic treatment is relatively simple. The connection between the steel structure and the concrete foundation is embedded with 10-12 corner bolts along the load-bearing wall, and the spacing is generally 1.2-1.5 meters. Considering the requirements of earthquake resistance and wind resistance of the house, galvanized flat iron shall be embedded at the corner of the house to connect with the steel structure.

According to the design drawings, the main components are directly assembled at the factory after the production and transportation. The component area is small and the thickness of the envelope structure is small, which can increase the use area of ​​the building.

After the waterproof treatment on the flat foundation, the dragon skeleton is installed. The light steel keel is a double-sided aluminum-zinc-plated steel, which not only has good toughness and ductility, but also ensures that the house will never collapse during an earthquake. The distance between light steel keels is scientifically calculated to ensure the overall safety of the house.

The truss structure between the floors ensures the stability of the structure, increases the stability of the steel structure system, and forms a stable structure of the steel structure physical system.

The wall of the light steel villa is combined with the current civil engineering technology and the fireproof and moisture-proof insulation technology, which can install the water and electricity pipelines in the wall in advance, which is conducive to the neatness of the house, unlike traditional houses that require red brick and concrete wiring and water and electricity Wake up and remodel. The wall of the light steel villa is composed of installing functional boards. There are many kinds of functional boards. Commonly used are fireproof, waterproof, noiseproof, thermal insulation, thermal insulation and various wall hangings for decoration Edition etc.

The roof treatment is similar to the wall installation, except that the sun protection layer and waterproof layer are added, and the top layer is covered with another tile. At present, there are many types of tiles, including cement tiles, terracotta tiles, asphalt tiles, and metal tiles. A variety of colors and patterns can be selected.

External wall sealing board The external wall osb board ensures the integrity of the structure. The exterior decoration materials include American PVC hanging board, cement wood grain fiber board, metal carved board, etc. It is environmentally friendly, durable, beautiful and diverse in color! The materials of the interior wall can be selected according to your own economic conditions.

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