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Key points for construction of high-strength bolts for steel structure installation

China FAMOUS Steel Engineering Company certification
China FAMOUS Steel Engineering Company certification
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Key points for construction of high-strength bolts for steel structure installation
Latest company news about Key points for construction of high-strength bolts for steel structure installation

The construction and installation of the steel structure can only be built by connecting the steel structure beam and the steel structure column and other components. The connection method of steel structure can be divided into three types, one is welding, one is rivet connection, the other is bolt connection, and bolt connection is divided into ordinary bolt connection and high strength bolt connection. Today we will talk about a few precautions for high-strength bolt construction.


Test before installation
For the selection of high-strength bolts, you must choose the products of regular manufacturers, and you must have a certificate of conformity and a material certificate. Before the construction of high-strength bolts, a retest must be carried out.


Storage of high-strength bolts
High-strength bolts must be properly stored by a designated person. They cannot be arbitrarily thrown. The bolts cannot be damaged during the installation of the entire steel structure, and other pollutions cannot occur to prevent the torque coefficient of the bolts from changing. The environment must be protected from moisture and corrosion.


Installation attention
When installing high-strength bolts, use a bald crowbar and punch to align the screw holes of the upper and lower or front and rear connecting plates to allow the bolts to enter freely. If the error of the screw hole of the connecting plate is relatively large, it should be analyzed and dealt with. If the adjustment bolt hole is invalid or the position of the remaining part of the bolt hole is not correct, you can use an electric reamer or a manual reamer to drill the hole.


When you have high-strength bolts, there are two steps. The first step is the initial tightening. When the axis of the steel column or steel beam is accurate, the final tightening should be completed within the day to prevent omissions.

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