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How to resist earthquakes in steel structure buildings?

China FAMOUS Steel Engineering Company certification
China FAMOUS Steel Engineering Company certification
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How to resist earthquakes in steel structure buildings?
Latest company news about How to resist earthquakes in steel structure buildings?

Why is the seismic effect of steel structure buildings the best?
• Strong toughness, good ductility, not easy to cause brittle failure;
• Soft stiffness, light weight of the structure, small earthquake response;
• High strength, not easy to yield or damage in earthquakes.


What are the advantages of steel structure buildings in terms of earthquake resistance?
• Sufficient seismic study
In recent years, after many studies on energy dissipation and shock absorption of steel structures, a representative damper was selected, and the shock absorption effect and economy were analyzed from the aspects of applicability, plane and elevation layout, structure height, fortification intensity and performance target. .
• Reasonable structural arrangement
In the design process, according to the functional requirements of the building, the energy-dissipating support and other components are arranged in the area that does not affect the building function, so that the plane is more concise and uniform, the earthquake resistance is more reasonable, and more seismic energy is dissipated.
• Strict seismic measures
In the area of ​​the beam-column connection node, the anti-seismic measures of welding the reinforcing plate to the beam end flange are adopted, so that the bearing capacity of the steel structure node is greater than the bearing capacity of the component, the structural integrity is better, and the earthquake resistance goal of ensuring that it does not fall over in a major earthquake.
• Perfect construction control standards
For the main seismic components of the structure (such as frame columns, frame beams, and buckling braces BRB, seismic ball bearings, etc.), on the basis of the specifications, there are more complete and detailed enterprise control standards to ensure the quality of processing and on-site construction. .

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