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How to do the details of steel structure construction?

China FAMOUS Steel Engineering Company certification
China FAMOUS Steel Engineering Company certification
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How to do the details of steel structure construction?
Latest company news about How to do the details of steel structure construction?

Steel structure construction must first find a good manufacturer when carrying out steel structure construction. After all, there are many issues that need to be dealt with in detail in the construction of these steel structures, and the quality of steel components is also very important.

The light steel structure is mainly an H-shaped solid web beam-column structure, so the surface treatment and coating process is relatively simple, and it is also relatively easy to realize mechanized flow operation. The surface treatment adopts shot blasting technology, raceway type or suspended feeding method. Painting is usually operated manually, but also can be suspended shot blasting or semi-mechanical assembly line operation. The surface treatment before painting is very important to the anti-corrosion effect of the part primer, and the thickness and uniformity of the paint film will directly affect the anti-corrosion performance of the part. In these seemingly detailed processes, each of our construction personnel must be careful. You must pay attention to these details, perhaps it is this point that determines everything.


What are the conditions for steel structure construction?

1. The height of the anchor bolts is different, and the plane of the column foot cannot be measured in advance. During the pre-embedding, the plane of the column foot will be moved to form the deviation of the column. It should be measured and buried.

2. The operation of the steel column violated the operation regulations. The steel columns were erected one after another, and it was impossible to form a stable frame unit on the same day. When the wind comes, it will collapse. Such safety accidents have occurred many times, so they must be avoided during the construction of steel structures. After installing the steel column and beam, the verticality of the steel column and the height difference gasket should be adjusted as soon as possible, and then the column foot should be closed and the secondary grouting should be carried out.

3. The steel components are not randomly installed in accordance with the construction sequence. The installation of the components should be carried out strictly in accordance with the sequence of the installation process, and a stable frame unit should be formed on the same day.

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