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How do modern steel structure buildings achieve thermal insulation and sound insulation?

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China FAMOUS Steel Engineering Company certification
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How do modern steel structure buildings achieve thermal insulation and sound insulation?
Latest company news about How do modern steel structure buildings achieve thermal insulation and sound insulation?

Due to its unique steel structure, steel structure buildings need to pay special attention to the following points in the roof design, meaning anti-seepage, ventilation, roof metal fire protection, wind pressure resistance, and special attention to heat insulation, moisture and sound insulation.


Thermal insulation measures for steel structures


Two kinds of steel structure buildings commonly use heat insulation measures


The first type is to install a cooler on the roof of the factory building as a thermal insulation measure, and the other (second type) is to cool and cool the steel structure factory building, which can isolate most of the solar radiation and conductive heat, and reduce the formation of indoor greenhouses. effect. Thus greatly reducing the temperature of the factory building and improving the environment of the steel structure factory building.


There is also insulation cotton for the roof of the steel structure factory. Generally, the insulation cotton used on the roof is glass wool. The common thickness is 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, and the density is 10kg / m. Installation can generally reduce the indoor temperature by 5-8 ° C.


Moisture-proof measures for steel structures


Prevent water vapor from condensing in the bottom layer of the metal roof and the metal roof layer, and drain the water vapor in the metal roof layer. The solution is to fill thermal insulation cotton in the metal roofing layer, lay a waterproof membrane on the metal roof floor, and there are ventilable nodes on the metal roof panel.


Sound insulation measures for steel structures


Prevent sound from being transmitted from outdoors to indoors or from indoors to outdoors. The metal roofing layer is filled with sound insulation material (usually made of thermal insulation cotton), and the sound insulation effect is expressed by the difference in sound intensity between the two sides of the metal roofing layer. The sound insulation effect is related to the density and thickness of the sound insulation material. It should be noted that the sound insulation materials have different blocking effects on sounds of different frequencies.


Steel structure is generally used for thermal insulation and moisture insulation.


Centrifugal glass wool for steel structures is a material that is easy to transport, fast to install, and cost-effective for building insulation and sound absorption and noise reduction. However, the best effect can only be achieved when glass wool is used in combination with the veneer. The fireproof performance of Yuke new material centrifugal glass wool with veneer can reach A1 level, and it is extremely resistant to moisture and mildew!

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