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Future Cold Storage Development

China FAMOUS Steel Engineering Company certification
China FAMOUS Steel Engineering Company certification
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Future Cold Storage Development
Latest company news about Future Cold Storage Development

From the perspective of market demand for cold storage, my country's existing cold storage capacity is still very insufficient. The United States currently has 22 million tons of cold storage, which is nearly 3.3 billion cubic feet. my country now has 9 million tons of cold storage, and China’s population is five times that of the United States. China’s future demand for cold storage is huge. Regarding the future development of China's cold storage, we can refer to and learn from the existing operation mode and development path of foreign cold storage. There are many public cold storages abroad, and users adopt the form of lease. The expansion of cold storage construction can effectively save costs. The development trend of cold storage is mainly manifested in the following aspects.


Construction scale
Fruit and vegetable production areas should focus on the construction of controlled atmosphere cold storage, and the scale should be a combination of large, medium and small, and it is appropriate to develop medium-sized. The construction of mechanical air-conditioning warehouses should be optimized to promote prefabricated production, on-site assembly mode cold storage engineering chemical industrial products, fruit and vegetable production areas are suitable for building single-layer cold storage and small and medium-sized cold storage; promote plastic film, large sheds, large tents, silicon windows, small plastic films Air conditioning facilities such as packaging are the focus of my country's recent development. In cities with more developed economies, develop medium-sized cold storage and establish wholesale markets for frozen food storage. Open small and medium-sized cold storage to the society, and provide paid warehouse services, information services, and operational logistics services.


Cold Chain Logistics
my country's complete and independent cold chain system has not yet been formed, and the degree of marketization is very low. If conditions permit, freezing and cold storage enterprises can be transformed into distribution centers of chain supermarkets, forming a joint operation model of freezing and cold storage enterprises, supermarkets and chain operation enterprises. Establish a food refrigeration supply chain, purchase, process, store, transport, and sell perishable and fresh food from the place of production to consumers in all links in a standard low-temperature environment to ensure the quality of food and reduce unnecessary To prevent food deterioration and contamination.


Refrigeration equipment
The refrigeration equipment industry should focus on the development of the international market’s advanced and universal split or integrated automation units of all grades below 60HP and equipped with electronic technology. Computers and automation technology should be widely used in the automatic control of the entire refrigeration system for the purpose of refrigeration. The refrigeration industry is upgraded and upgraded, the industrial chain is extended, and the project cost is reduced.


Overall plan
The cold storage industry must strengthen overall planning and coordination under the unified coordination of relevant departments, and vigorously develop the construction of the cold chain logistics system. At the same time, it is necessary to prevent blind duplication of construction to ensure the sustained, healthy and stable development of my country's refrigeration and refrigeration industry.

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