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Double glass curtain wall

China FAMOUS Steel Engineering Company certification
China FAMOUS Steel Engineering Company certification
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Double glass curtain wall
Latest company news about Double glass curtain wall

Double glass curtain wall

Sound insulation: The double-glazed curtain wall reduces the impact of outdoor noise on the interior due to the shielding effect of the outer skin on the noise. It is especially suitable for buildings in the central area of ​​the city that are in a strong traffic noise environment. At the same time, the double-layer glass curtain wall can still introduce natural ventilation in a strong noise environment, reducing building energy consumption.
Insulation: In winter, the existence of the outer curtain wall strengthens the insulation performance of the outer protective structure. The preheating of the air between the double glass curtain walls can effectively reduce the heat loss on the building surface. And because the inner curtain wall has a relatively high temperature, it is conducive to indoor thermal comfort.
Ventilation and cooling at night: In the hot summer, the temperature inside the parasol building may be too high. The double-glazed curtain wall is not ventilated by direct opening, so it has a safety protection function. This allows the office building to use the cool air at night to cool the room through natural ventilation during summer nights.

The sun-shading shutters of the double-layer glass curtain wall are installed inside the mezzanine. Compared with the single-layer glass curtain wall outside the shutter, this method is more conducive to protecting the shutters, especially some metal shutters with complex functions and expensive construction. The sun and rain will not only reduce Short service life will also affect its shading and reflection effects. In addition, external louvers often generate environmental noise. Designed by the famous Japanese architect Fumihiko, the high-tech park located in the outskirts of Munich, Germany uses external metal louvers, which rang in the breeze all day long, and between the double-glazed curtain walls There is no such problem with the set of shutters.

Because of the existence of the outer curtain wall, the wind pressure inside the building is reduced, and the heat makes it possible to ventilate part of the high-rise buildings freely. This alone can greatly reduce the energy consumption of mechanical ventilation in the high-rise buildings.

In the architectural design, the double-glazed curtain wall uses a large area of ​​glass, which enables the building to obtain high permeability.

Natural ventilation: A very important advantage of the double-glazed curtain wall is that it allows natural ventilation. Natural ventilation can not only reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning, but also help improve the comfort of the environment and enhance human health.

The double-layer glass curtain wall can be used as a fireproof passage.

Energy saving: Because the double-glazed curtain wall improves the thermal insulation performance of the building, and the parasol can be naturally ventilated for a long time, the building can fully save energy and reduce energy consumption.

Compared with ordinary buildings, the cost of the envelope structure is increased by 1.5-2 times.
In summer, under strong sunlight, the temperature in the interlayer air is often too high, especially when the interval between the double-glazed curtain walls is too small and the shading effect is not good, the temperature sometimes exceeds the outdoor temperature, making the natural Ventilation cannot be achieved.

The cleaning and maintenance costs of building curtain walls have increased. The double-glazed curtain wall is based on the consideration of the local climate and the special high-altitude environment of high-rise buildings. While having the most basic functions, the sunshade also has a buffering and weakening effect on the external bad weather and environment, which can maximize To reduce dependence on non-renewable energy. This design idea and starting point will have far-reaching significance for saving energy and creating a sustainable future.

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