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Cold Storage Classification

China FAMOUS Steel Engineering Company certification
China FAMOUS Steel Engineering Company certification
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Cold Storage Classification
Latest company news about Cold Storage Classification

What are the classifications of cold storage?
(1) According to the scale of cold storage capacity
At present, the division of cold storage capacity is not unified
Divided by capacity, the cold storage capacity of large-scale cold storage is above 10,000t; the cold storage capacity of medium-sized cold storage is 1000~10,000t; the cold storage capacity of small-scale cold storage is below 1,000t.
(2) According to the design temperature of refrigeration
It is divided into four types of cold storage: high temperature, medium temperature, low temperature and ultra-low temperature. ①The cold storage design temperature of general high temperature cold storage is -2℃ to +8℃; ②The cold storage design temperature of medium temperature cold storage is -10℃ to -23℃; ③Low temperature, the temperature is generally -23℃ to 30℃; ④Ultra-low The temperature of the quick-freezer is generally -30℃ to -80℃.
(3) According to the category of library body structure
1. Civil cold storage:
The outer structure is civil construction, which is completed through civil construction. The installation period is long; due to the large thermal inertia, the temperature of the cold storage is less affected by external interference; due to technical reasons, the early cold storage mostly adopts this structure.
2. Combined cold storage:
Also called prefabricated cold storage. The maintenance structure adopts light steel structure, or the library body is directly installed indoors. The installation cycle is short, the cooling speed is fast, and the appearance is beautiful. If necessary, it can be disassembled and quickly reassembled. At present, even large-scale cold storage is also adopting this form. Combination cold storage is a trend in the development of cold storage.
(4) Divided by purpose
Cold storage has a wide range of uses, so there are many divided by use. But in the final analysis, it is divided by function, that is, divided by structure and temperature.

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