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Application of LED in architectural curtain wall

China FAMOUS Steel Engineering Company certification
China FAMOUS Steel Engineering Company certification
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Application of LED in architectural curtain wall
Latest company news about Application of LED in architectural curtain wall

With the rapid development of China's economy, various characteristic buildings in the city have come into being. In addition to the function of the building itself, the appearance of the characteristic charm, the night lighting of the building, lighting media also put forward higher requirements. LED because of its energy saving, environmental protection, long service life, high efficiency and other incomparable advantages over traditional light sources, in recent years in the building curtain wall lighting has been widely used. LED media building curtain wall will be the integration of sound, image, video, etc., to give people a A peculiar artistic enjoyment. LED media architectural curtain wall can be used to shape the urban space, thus changing the overall image of the city.

LED glass has the following characteristics:
High permeability: LED glass has a permeability rate of 99% and a light transmission rate of 80%, which does not affect the line of sight and lighting;
High stability: the use of light drive separation control method, greatly enhancing the service life of LED lamp beads and the stability of LED photoelectric glass, and its maintenance costs are low; convenient installation: do not damage the building structure and glass curtain wall structure, and the building curtain wall structure to achieve a perfect fit, the installation method and ordinary glass curtain wall consistent, partial replacement of glass curtain wall.
LED glass that can be used as a glass curtain wall decorative building effects, but also greatly enhance the artistic expression of the night image of the building. So LED glass has been more widely used in architectural curtain walls in recent years.

LED media building curtain wall is a new form of urban art, as a combination of science and art of modern urban landscape. At present, the city of various types of buildings in the LED media building curtain wall mostly use dynamic screens, display video, display advertising, urban information and humanities and art, etc., to give people a strong visual impact. Along with the rapid development of electronic information technology, advanced multimedia technology, LED media building curtain wall in the city is commonly used to improve the city's cultural and artistic atmosphere.

The country strongly advocates green lighting, green indicators in the architectural curtain wall lighting project is: the choice of energy-efficient light sources; light clear LED in the application of architectural curtain wall, more to meet the requirements of energy efficiency, Although there are certain technical means of anti-glare and light pollution, but still produce - certain glare and light pollution. But we believe that with the The development of modern science and technology, the building curtain wall new decorative lighting will continue to progress, and one day will achieve the true meaning of green color lighting.

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