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Application of curtain wall "shading technology" in building energy saving

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Application of curtain wall "shading technology" in building energy saving

1. Brief introduction of application of glass curtain wall shading technology
The shading technology of glass curtain wall is mainly used in the project to achieve the shading effect by the effective combination of glass and metal materials; the metal material mainly has two kinds of perforated aluminum plate and aluminum grille, and the architect uses the function, position and height according to the building. And the local sun's time angle, illumination angle, elevation angle, declination angle, azimuth and other factors. Ten different product types and horizontal sunshade product combinations were designed vertically in different locations and on different floors of the building. The entire building uses shading technology to truly improve the indoor lighting conditions, while effectively controlling the indoor temperature and improving people's comfort. The application of glass curtain wall shading technology has a lot of good effects on building energy saving. The future energy-saving building (the term "energy-saving building" is provided by the industry encyclopedia) construction glass curtain wall construction technology is indeed worthy of better promotion and application.


2. Glass curtain wall shading technology for solar radiation application
In general, the shading coefficient is controlled by the nature of the material itself and the environment. In this project, the shading coefficient is the vertical direction by using different shade forms, sizes and widths of the shade products (250~1600mm) in different positions, and changing the number, angle and height of the shade products horizontally to minimize the penetration. The ratio of the solar radiation heat of the enclosure with shading and the enclosure without shading. The smaller the shading coefficient, the smaller the solar radiation heat through the outer protective structure, and the better the heat protection effect. The effect of the sunshade on blocking the radiant heat of the sun is obvious.


3. Application of Glass Curtain Wall Shading Technology to Energy-saving Building Lighting
From the point of view of natural lighting, the shading measures will block direct sunlight, prevent glare, and make the indoor illumination distribution more uniform, which will help the visual work. This project mainly uses different layouts of shading products to adjust the perforation rate of the perforated plate and The density and angle of the aluminum grille to achieve visual normal work. For the surrounding environment, the sunshade can disperse the reflected light of the glass of the glass curtain wall (especially the coated glass), avoiding the light pollution caused by the large glass reflective. However, in the design of the shading system, there must be sufficient consideration to meet the requirements of indoor natural lighting. In the process of designing the project, the situation of the side light is better paid attention to, the design of the sunshade is used to avoid the side light, and the sunshade product and the glass curtain wall are effectively utilized to make the environment more comfortable.


4. Application of glass curtain wall shading technology to adjust room temperature to reduce indoor air conditioning system consumption
A large number of glass curtain wall shading products have been applied in this project, effectively preventing the indoor temperature from rising rapidly. Especially in the summer, this kind of glass curtain wall shading technology can slow down the indoor temperature rise; use the shading technology to effectively reduce the cooling energy consumption of the air conditioning system and realize the building energy saving; for different regions, different glass materials and shading products should be reasonably selected, and the sunshade should be used. Only by effectively using the glass curtain wall shading technology to achieve natural room temperature adjustment; the combination and application of different forms of shading products in this project has truly realized the static movement of the architectural art, making its artistic beauty in front of everyone, making the building The appearance has been landscaping, but unfortunately, I have not been able to leave a photo of the project.

The glass curtain wall shading technology does need to be more applied and popularized in building energy conservation, giving full play to the role that shading technology should have in the glass curtain wall and achieving the goal of building energy conservation.

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