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Advantages of glass curtain wall

China FAMOUS Steel Engineering Company certification
China FAMOUS Steel Engineering Company certification
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Advantages of glass curtain wall
Latest company news about Advantages of glass curtain wall

The glass curtain wall is a new type of contemporary wall. The biggest feature it gives to the building is to organically unify the architectural aesthetics, architectural functions, building energy efficiency and building structure. The building presents different tones from different angles, which follow the sunlight. The change of moon, moonlight and lighting gives people a dynamic beauty. There are magnificent and magnificent glass curtain walls in major cities on all continents, such as the New York World Trade Center, Chicago Petroleum Building, and Sears Tower. The Bank of China Tower in Hong Kong, the Great Wall Hotel in Beijing and the Shanghai Lianyi Building have also been adopted.

The reflective insulating glass is 6mm thick, and the wall weight is about 50kg/㎡. It has the advantages of light and beautiful, not easy to pollute, and energy saving. The inner side of the outer glass of the curtain wall is coated with a colorful metal coating. From the appearance, the entire outer wall looks like a mirror, reflecting the sky and the surrounding environment. When the light changes, the image is colorful and endless. Under the reflection of light, the room is not exposed to strong light, and the vision is soft. China first adopted it in the Beijing Great Wall Hotel project in 1983.

People who have been to New York, USA will be impressed by its prosperous city style. The towering skyscrapers are magnificent, and the whole glass curtain wall sets off the clear blue sky and dancing white clouds, adding even more Brilliant colors. So, how is the glass curtain wall made? The glass curtain wall refers to the mirror glass used as the decoration of the exterior wall of the building. It is made by adding traces of Fe, Ni, Co, Se, etc. to the float glass composition, and is tempered into color transparent plate glass, which can absorb infrared rays and reduce The solar radiation entering the room reduces the indoor temperature. It not only reflects light like a mirror, but also transmits light like glass.

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