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460 Meters! Suzhou Zhonghai Super Tower, The Tallest Curtain Wall Apartment Building in China

China FAMOUS Steel Engineering Company certification
China FAMOUS Steel Engineering Company certification
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460 Meters! Suzhou Zhonghai Super Tower, The Tallest Curtain Wall Apartment Building in China
Latest company news about 460 Meters! Suzhou Zhonghai Super Tower, The Tallest Curtain Wall Apartment Building in China

In Suzhou, one of China's most livable cities, a new 460-meter tall landmark building will rise quietly in the central business district on the western shore of Jinji Lake, forming a unified urban architectural complex facing Jinji Lake, along with the Gate of the East, Suzhou South Central Center and Suzhou Central Plaza.


The facade of Suzhou Zhonghai Super Tower utilizes sustainable design elements, including photovoltaic panels integrated throughout the podium and high-performance glass panels, effectively reducing the building's reliance on heating and air conditioning.


The podium, in the form of an open ride, is connected to the nearby Suzhou Center by a pedestrian promenade on the east side, with a series of glass light roofs that bring natural light and views of the tower into the commercial spaces on the first floor.


At the same time, the undulating facade, composed of metal grilles and glass curtain walls, creates a three-dimensional light and shadow effect of water ripples for the tower, using the light and shadow at different times of the day, angles and weather. In addition, the façade shape is inspired by the ancient scrolls that unfold slowly, expressing respect to this thousand-year-old cultural and historical city.


Suzhou China Shipping Super Tower is expected to be completed in 2027. The project will use low-carbon building materials, reduce water and energy use throughout the building system, meet strict indoor air quality requirements, and meet top industry green building certifications such as LEED Platinum, Green Building Three Star, CABEE Ultra Low Energy Building, WELL certification, and Healthy Building Label.


In addition, according to the design plan, the project façade will adopt "golden" glass curtain wall throughout, which can also be said to be another ceiling of value by the Jinji Lake.

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