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2300 Square Meters Unitized Glass Curtain Wall Exported to Oceania

China FAMOUS Steel Engineering Company certification
China FAMOUS Steel Engineering Company certification
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2300 Square Meters Unitized Glass Curtain Wall Exported to Oceania
Latest company news about 2300 Square Meters Unitized Glass Curtain Wall Exported to Oceania

2300 square meters unitized glass curtain wall exported to Oceania on June and August, 2022.


This project is nearing completion, much ahead of schedule. Our products have won unanimous praise from customers and are recognized by the local market.


Unitized glass curtain wall systems are composed of large glass units that are created and glazed within a factory and then sent to the construction site. Once arriving on site, the units can then be hoisted onto anchors connected to the building whatever concrete or steel buildings. High quality, due to tight tolerances of fabrication in a climate-controlled environment, is only one hallmark of this type of system. Because there is no on-site glazing, another major benefit of using a unitized system is the quicker speed of installation. The system can be installed in a third of the time of a stick-built system which means a lot of site time saving. This system is well suited for cases where there is a large volume of prefabricated unitized panels required, where there are higher field labor costs (thereby shifting the labor to a more cost-effective factory work force), where higher performance is needed (for wind loads, air/moisture protection, seismic/blast performance), for taller structures, and more regular conditions for panel optimization.


The unit glass curtain wall assembles panels and metal frames (beams, columns) into curtain wall units in the factory. The structural features of unit glass curtain walls in the form of curtain wall units are: first, the units (skeleton materials, glass, insulation Insulation materials) are assembled into a complete frame in a special factory, and then transported to the construction site. At the construction site, only one curtain wall unit needs to be installed and fixed to the main structure of the building in turn.


Because the columns are connected, their specifications should be consistent with the storey height and column spacing. When connected to a floor or beam, the height of the curtain wall should be equivalent to the story height or a multiple of the story height; when connected to the columns, the width of the curtain wall should be equivalent to the column spacing.


The advantages of unit glass curtain wall are: simple and fast installation on the construction site, shortening the construction period of the project.


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