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2016 China Steel Structure Development Peak Forum Held in Beijing

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China FAMOUS Steel Engineering Company certification
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2016 China Steel Structure Development Peak Forum Held in Beijing

The 2016 China Steel Construction Development Peak Forum which was co-sponsored by Civil Engineering, Water Conservancy and Architecture Division of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and hosted by Central Research Institute of Building and Construction Co., Ltd, Chongqing University and Tsinghua University was held on January 26. There gathered 21 academicians of construction field and over 60 leaders of government ministries, entrepreneurs, experts and scholars in Beijing, exchanging their ideas and suggestions to the development of steel structure in China.

From a global perspective, the idea of greenization, informatization and industrialization is the inevitable trend in the development of construction industry.Constructions with steel structure have unique advantages in environment protection, recycling and well earthquake resistance which presenting the remarkable features of green construction and industrialization in its life cycle.

After decades of development, China has made significant achievements in the development of steel structure. In the year of 2015, the annual steel output had exceeded 0.8 billion tons, the output of steel structure was about 50 million tons, manufacturing enterprise of scale of steel structure was more than 3,000, enterprise with special construction qualification was over 10 thousand; all these had shown China’s succeed in establishing a large group of steel structure landmark projects with world-leading level. However, from the view of the world’s second largest economy and steel superpowers with more than half steel output in the world, the development of steel structure in our country is still very backward. During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, the steel consumption in steel structure hovers around 5%-6% of the steel output. The proportion of steel structure is less than 1% of the large and wide housing construction and bridges of small and medium spans, which is far lower than developed countries, and it indicates the huge potential for steel structure development in China.

For the bottleneck problems of the development of steel structure housing and high-performance structure in China, the research team of Academician Xuhong Zhou of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the research team of Academician Jianguo Nie have carried out consulting and research projects of “consulting research of steel constructional housing industrialization”, “strategic research of high-performance and sustainable structural engineering development”, “new structure and its industrialization of urban and rural residential building” so as to put forward the corresponding countermeasures and solutions aiming at promoting the industrialization of steel structural construction and improving the technological level of structural engineering of our country.

The “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” is the key stage of building a well-off society in an all-round way, and to widely use steel structure in the construction area plays an important role in dissolving overcapacity, promoting the adjustment of industrial structure and accelerating the new-type urbanization. On November 4, 2015, Premier Keqiang Li chaired an executive meeting of the State Council which clearly came up with the ideas of “to combine with squatter settlement rebuilding and quake-proof and comfortable housing engineering, launching the pilot of steel structural construction and expanding the use of green building materials”. From the national level, it is the leading voice for the widespread use of steel structure and it can be said for sure that the rare development opportunity of steel structure will come in the next five years.

There were 4 sections in the forum. First, the forum was opened by the director of Civil Engineering, Water Conservancy and Architecture Division of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Academician Fulin Zhou from Guangzhou University and then Academician Xuhong Zhou from Chongqing University and Academician Jianguo Nie from Tsinghua University made an introduction for the project of consultant and rearch about Chinese Academy of Engineering. Second, Academician Zuyan Shen from Tongji University made a special report on “steel structural construction with greenization, industrialization and informatization”. Qingrui Yue, the President of China Steel Construction Society and Director of National Steel Structure Engineering Technology Research Center gave a report on “thoughts on the development of steel structure in China”. All attendees delivered their speeches then, and the seminar has achieved the results as expected and goal of the forum: Firstly, to comprehensively summarize the development results of steel structure, and to tease out the bottleneck problems of the issues currently affecting the development of steel structure, to make an “overall examination” on national steel structure industry; Secondly, to analyze the cause of bottlenecks and discuss the solution for the bottleneck problems of steel structure development with technical way and seek for corresponding solutions and measures; Thirdly, to combine with the “Thirteen-Five” national key research tasks and the consulting and research project of Academy of Engineering, focusing on bottleneck problem, to cooperate with the system of “produce, study, research and practice”, work and pull together, and to address or mitigate the bottleneck problem with joint efforts; Finally, to reach a consensus of the conference so as to provide the foundation for the future academician recommendations.

As the major outcome of the Forum, the conference has come up with the general development route and goal for the “Thirteenth-Five” national steel structure industry, which is to strengthen the structural reform of steel structure supply side in accordance with the development concept of “innovation, coordination, green, opening, sharing”; to insist on innovation-driven, strive to resolve the bottleneck problem of the steel structure development resistance so as to accelerate the development of steel structural construction and spare no efforts to realize the healthy development of the steel structure consumption surpassing 15% of the annual growth during the “Thirteenth-Five” period and to exceed 0.1 billion tons until 2020.


In the meanwhile, Forum has put forward the following measures and suggestions on the development of steel structure: First, to strengthen the top-level design and strategic layout, to play the role of leading and demonstration in cultivating steel market by government, to increase policy support and strengthen supervision; second, to complete the whole industry chain of steel structure, support leading enterprise and industry alliance, and to implement the pilot project of steel structural construction; third, to help relative industry “go global” by steel structure-driven; fourth is innovation-driven, to solve the common and key technical problem and personnel bottlenecks in focus; finally, to renew ideas and improve the social and market recognition.

The convening of the peak forum, has pointed the ways for steel structure development from macroscopic and strategic perspectives, which will be an important driving force for the rapid, healthy and sustainable development of national steel structure industry.

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